ESA || Exploring Space

ESA || Exploring Space

Nucco Brain is supporting the European Space Agency through branding and content production as part of their
B2B marketing strategy. 

The European Space Agency (ESA) Business Applications supports organisations developing commercial
projects that use space data and technologies for everyday life. Wanting to expand their reach across the 19
countries involved in their programs, ESA Business Applications appointed Nucco Brain to support their branding
& marketing strategy.

Working closely with the ESA's communication team, the first phase involved a rebranding of the Business
visual identity. Alongside designing a new logo, our team produced social media banners, business
cards, presentation 
templates, flyers, amongst other marketing assets.  We are currently working closely with the
ESA Business Application's communication team on marketing strategy,  
branding, and content production. The
first step in this collaboration involved a discovery phase of 6-8 weeks where we 
organised a series of
workshops with the communication team. These workshops enabled us to learn about the overall  
how they position themselves, and who they target. When building the content strategy plan, this
phase also allowed us to understand their potential audience, and from there, devise the type of digital
content they would 
be interested in.
As part of the content production of this first phase, which we are still involved in, our team rebranded the visual
identity of 
ESA Business Applications. This involved designing a new logo, social media banners, official website,
and presentation 
templates, amongst other marketing assets. We also collaborated with the digital partner
Netleadz to support the ESA in 
improving and implementing its digital content marketing strategy during this first
phase.  By supporting the ESA Business  
Application with a coherent brand identity, we are helping the
organisation achieve its goal of expanding its international  
partnerships with other businesses in the space
technology industry.  

We are also currently producing different online video series for ESA Business Applications.

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ESA || Exploring Space

ESA || Exploring Space

Nucco Brain is supporting the European Space Agency through branding and content production as part of their B2B marketing strategy.


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