Joydeed helps spreading small positive actions using cards with an unique tracking code that enables you to track the journey of the card. 
The first card that are already spreading are HuggingKindnessAuthenticityGratitude.

After you have done the action written on the card, pass it and ask to do the same to someone else. Get back on the website, share the story of your action and read the point of view of who received the card. Follow on the map the positive actions after yours.

Maria's story

Maria sees a guy that can't use the ticket machine at the station, getting closer she helps him to buy the ticket. The guy, saying thanks for her help, gives her the Gratitude card. 
Going on the website Maria write the story on how she received the card and discover that she is the third person to receive this card and now she can pass it on.
Later, at work, Maria is facing a difficult day, fortunately a colleague helps her solve an unexpected issue and everything goes back on track. To thank him Maria passes the card, helping to spread the positive action.

Joydeed's philosophy

Many scientific studies demonstrate that empathy, which is the ability to put ourselves in the shoes of others, is a key feature of favoring pro-social behaviors, diminishing anxiety and fighting fears, such as the emotional reward in doing altruistic deeds. We started with 4 values that we believe that can drive social impact in everyday life.

Gratitude helps our mind to be happier, achieve goals easier, build positive relationship and a better mood. Journaling every night the 3 things you were grateful for the day improve happiness improve your success in life.
Hugging for 7 seconds let the body start releasing oxytocin the hormone of “love” that helps muscles relaxation, improve emotional distension and feel less fear, improve blood pressure in long term and lower the stress.
Authenticity having authentic conversation helps building trustworthiness relationship, create intimacy, kill prejudice and practice empathy.
Kindness doing and recognize act of kindness release serotonin that improve self-esteem, the energy in the body, fight sadness and in long term increase lifespan.

Joydeed mission

Joydeed's mission is to restore faith in ourselves and humanity. How? Creating real connections and emotionally positive experiences. Linking people with the same values that they believe in gaming as an important source for personal and social growth.

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Joydeed - Start the change

Joydeed - Start the change

Joydeed helps spreading small positive actions using cards with an unique tracking code that enables you to track the journey of the card.  The f Read more

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