The corporate colours for the event series are a very light beige, a bold orange and black. The design concept is based on an abstractly drawn shape, in reminiscents of the processes and elements associated with the thematic topos ‘book’, such as different paper formats, open books, book shelves and a type case for lead typesetting, among others. The graphical element is used in positive as well as negative form on lightly coloured backgrounds. One of the fonts included in the design, ‘Piombo’, was created by Elmar Lixenfeld, himself a member of the German Werkbund Hessen.
The overarching theme for these three events is the book. From cultivating an idea to the production and distribution process - the event series will examine the printed medium from A-Z in guided discussions, led by experts from the respective areas: authors, publishers, printers, etc. More information about the events will be provided next year, when the ‘Buchneurosen’ series will take place. The German Werkbund Hessen and Bureau Mitte look forward to this exciting event series.