The lace effect of Marrakesh, concludes the properties of lace and new innovations, combined with inspiration from the beautiful city of Marrakesh. Looking at the silhouette's from London fashion week combined with Moroccan religious dress.
Hydrangea petals, delicate and transparent with the lace effect
Inspiration through plants, been eaten away by bugs, leaving remanence in state of transparency and delicateness, leaving properties of lace.
A photograph taken in Marrakech, a huge inspiration to this project, with the vibrancy, colors, patterns and details of the city.
Experimentation with shapes from Morocco, using inks and cutting into paper.
Watercolor of hydrangea lace effect petals, in repeat against bleached/inked background.
Color palette, Marrakech/Hydrangea
Here are sections of my final print collection, including, digital print/ Devore/ beading and screen printing
A few illustrations of my headpiece ideas
My final chosen garment
Photoshoot of final garment, there is also a petal bag with silver metal strap which was too delicate to be transported