Project "Boyukshor recreational park"   Render1 - bird view
Project "Boyukshor recreational park"   Render2 - cetral square view
Project "Boyukshor recreational park"   Render3 - zoo Africa zone view
Project "Boyukshor residential district"   Render1 - bird view
Project "Boyukshor residential district"   Render2 - Street view
Project "Boyukshor residential district"   Render3 - central square view
Project "Boyukshor technopolis"   Render1 - bird view
Project "Boyukshor technopolis"   Render2 - core view
Project "Boyukshor technopolis"   Render3 - waterfront view
"Boyukshor development concept" it's 3 conceptual projects of boyukshor lake rehabilitation in Baku, Azerbaijan made by collaboration of 3 architectural and landscaping teams. 
all studios based in Kyiv, Ukraine. 
Album of all projects is here

Our team made 9 visualization for all 3 project (3 by each).
Andriy Helenyuk 
Andriy Nazarenko 
Egor Shtefan
Yuriy Matyash
Sergiy Ferley