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Fog Effect for Photography

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Fog Effect for Photography

Apply a realistic, customizable, high quality fog effect to your portrait, landscape, architecture or panorama photos, the quick & easy way. Everything you need is Photoshop CS5, CS6 or CC. This is notjust a simple one layer overlay - the fog effect is generated by many different fine tuned adjustment layers to design the fog as realistic and controllable as possible. A basic must have for all photographers and image editors.

• Take control of fog density, color and positioning •
• Made for Photoshop CS4-CS6 & CC •
• Super easy to apply, just drag & drop the adjustment layer folder on top of your photo •
• The effect positions automatically on your photo after drag & drop •
• 100% lossless editing, so you can enlarge the effect without losing any quality •
• Choose from various fine-tuned settings for different fields of application •
• A illustrated help PDF file is included to get you started on some Photoshop basics •
• Extended License is included •
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Fog Effect for Photography

Fog Effect for Photography

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