Lotus Cutting Board
Cutting Board Design for Modern Small Families
Design Description
Lotus is a multifunctional cutting board designed for modern small families. It helps user to cut and collect food materials in a comfortable way while keeping the food preparation process clean & neat. Also, its multiple cutting surfaces enable users to cut different food materials separately without contaminating each other. Plus, the small collecting plates can also be used as serving containers, carrying fresh food directly from kitchen to table.
Research & Product Development
A cutting board is one tool that most of us would agree is absolutely necessary in the kitchen. It looks simple, but it could be better. Unmet needs are still out there; users are waiting for an ultimate solution for their modern lives.
The Brief
My goal is to provide a better solution for users through design. The product will give users an easier food prep experience during cutting, collecting, and transporting food materials. Also, it will add flavor to the modern kitchens with its stylish look. This product is designed for modern small families.
User-centered design method is applied in the design development process. A summary of research and analysis shows a clear path of re-design - by enhancing functionality and fulfilling emotional needs.
Lotus is a modern option with reminiscing charm for the new generations. It creates convenience for users during the food prep process. With a sense of ease and joy, it also enables its users to customize it as a decor to their modern lives. Besides, the shape of "lotus" is an element embedded with the meaning of purity and beauty in traditional Chinese aesthetics. It adds cultural meaning into this product and creates an emotional respond, too.
Some Design Details in English 
More Details in Chinese