Artwork from Legend of the Five Rings CCG
Legend of the Five Rings is a long running, prestigious collectible card game published by Alderac Entertainment Group and set in a magical empire based loosely on feudal Japan. The game features samurai, ninjas, merchants and monsters.  I have been fortunate to create artwork for this game as a freelance illustrator for over ten years. 

Below is a sampling of artwork from the last few years.  More Legend of the Five Rings artwork can be seen on my site  Enjoy!
 "Beautiful Host" featuring a lovely Crane clan courtier
 "Soul Strike" - A female Dragon clan martial artist lays the smackdown
"Debt Collector" - This illustration features a monk reaching out to catch the shoulder of a Dragon samurai. This illustration style was strongly influenced by samurai movies and movie posters.
"Z'chkir" - This illustration features a wise old ratling meditating in his underground sanctuary. I’ve been told the ratling resembles Splinter of TMNT fame, but the rat who was holed up in the back of my brain was Nicodemus, from the Secret of NIMH.
"The Kami’s Whisper" - This illustration features a Crane shugenja, bending the mind of the Scorpion samurai
"Corrupt Governor"
 "Kitsune Gina" - This illustration features a Mantis clan shugenja communing in a foggy forest with her fox friend. The fox shows on it’s own card named “Gina's Fox"
"Agasha Kamarou" - This illustration features a Phoenix clan shugenja flying in the midst of a thunderstorm. The special effects here were inspired by the fire bending effects of the animated Avatar: The Last Airbender series.  My title is Fury of the Fire.
"Dove Tattoo" - This illustration features a lovely female Dragon clan courtier. In her hands she carries an bird cage with a dove inside. On her chest is revealed a black dove tattoo