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CREAFOTO: Digital album creator
GBG is a reference photo printing solutions company in the market, 
with 20 years of experience. Creafoto emerges as an ambitious 
idea of being a platform that offers options for creating online photography 
products, in desktop or mobile.
Problem statement 
Due to the low demand for photo development and album sales, 
emerges an opportunity that so far did not exist in Uruguay. 
The goal is to create a platform in where users can create their own photography 
designs taking advantage of digital photography.

Users and audience
The current GBG audience is the professional photographer, with Creafoto it is intended 
to reach the amateur, the user who takes pictures with his mobile phone.

Roles and responsabilities
My role in the project is UIUX Design. The rest of the team is made up of two developers an intern graphic designer of GBG and the owner of the company.

Scope and constraints
The team initially had only one developer, who due to personal problems left the project. 
Two colleagues of mine joined the project immediately, and the budget had to be increased and a large part of the backend had to be redone.
In the middle the scope changed, but instead of panic, we take that opportnity to build something better.

Wordrpress, WooCommerce

Competitor research
I started doing some Competitor research asking people to use other solutions to see  how we could add value and do better.
. Some of the software must be downloaded, and most of all are not easy to use.  
. The mobile experience is really poor.
. Lack in variety of products.

Opportunities 🎉
. Build a solution that is 100% online, no donwnload needd
. Design a solution with a minimal learning curve
. Offer innovative products
. Offer a better mobile experience

User stories
. I want to create a photo album from my computer.
. I want to create a photo album with my phone.
. I want to use my social media images.
. I want to create a photo album online.
. I want to pay my product online.
. I want to design a mug with my phone.
. I want to design a poster online.


Those who are not professionals in photography and use a phone as a camera.  Those who wish to capture their happy moments, travelers.

Photographers or photography experts.

PiX (Interaction partiture)
A first approach to see the interaction between the user, the system and the UI, for all the team to understand how a platform this kind works also in terms of what is needed from the backend.
User flows
Identification of all user interactions to create the different products, detecting pain points.
Ecommerce basic flow:

Samples of wireframing work to validate ideas on the álbum editor and onboarding process.

User testing to improve mobile usabiliity
Most recent version after iterations
Express album (mini album)

Product website
Website headers
Designed with ♥ for CREAFOTO
Developed by Páramo Studio

CREAFOTO: Digital album creator

CREAFOTO: Digital album creator

Digital album creator - online web app

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