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    The portfolio is a collection of marks. Tags Examples logos freelance graphic jobs cards freelancer designer warm director dusk dawn sport events… Read More
    The portfolio is a collection of marks. Tags Examples logos freelance graphic jobs cards freelancer designer warm director dusk dawn sport events movies screen test software community amateur youth guidelines flower sexy vision digital blog edit dynamic dashboard topic groups info significant event field experience best download emoji intuitive easy navigate mobile interface grid landing page users sign Twitter Google email account profile sketch beauty views run tutorial school tips classes children San Francisco award awarded artists designers promote charity money organizations leaders video banner sticker flyer envelope book band decoration Powerpoint presentation guideline infographic booklet catalogue poster tshirt web site stationery jpg png psd grey travel festival letterhead ink foil prices number cheap 2d crazy dope Instagram apps raw personal favorite futuristic icons edgy detailed details movie Facebook raw innovation depth polished leader pantone complex attractive result Read Less

— Ocearia is a restaurant that has its main focus centered around delicious dishes with fresh fish and sea food. It has risen from a local beach cafe and got a full commercial rebranding. To emphasize the company's connection to the ocean, water was chosen as the most relevant direction – even the animation is made in form of ripple wave patterns. The logotype composition contains a reasonable combination of two essential elements: the word written in a custom white font, circle borderlines and a beautiful watercolour splash done on paper and then transferred to the vector format. To be more flexible the logo uses the splash as a solid, not transparent background. The key colors are vibrant and eye-catching containing: sky blue, waves azure, indigo and ultramarine. The palette was also used in the development of various additional samples: menu, brochure, flyer and other print advertising.

— Lambert is an English pub in which an old vintage vibe merges with contemporary hipster style that is a popular trend today. It provides high quality alcohol drinks, wine, cocktails and craft beer. It always has a dark, almost black theme with glowing neon lights. Inspired by this the concept was done in a silhouette of a head of a bearded man with classy hair. It resembles a retro gentleman from Victorian Britain and a modern man with a Lumberjack styled appearance at the same time. The logomark also contains a wood texture and an ornamental double outline with a smooth glowing animation. This shape format is interesting, brave and not typical for this kind of organization. The logo and its texture template can easily become a perfect basis for cup, bottle, street signboard, catalog, prints and other types of indoor and outdoor promotion design.

— Hey May  is a professional European audio shop which business model is mostly build around audio items such as: headphones, acoustic systems, small and medium sized musical instruments, power cables, voice analysis devices, wireless and compact music systems, Bluetooth speakers, amplifiers and other studio equipment. It also ships items world wide. The corporate identity and typographical items of the project picture a colorful palette which resembles bright and creative nature of the young target audience. It contains gradients with a shift from romantic pink to summer orange and from moonlight blue to cold violet. The smart and clear logo type reminds of impressive graffiti & contains a trendy long curve, which depicts a curved audio cable and is compatible with monochrome. The looped animation is authentic and popping up.

— Juice Lava is a Europe based industrial agency. They offer stylish glass package for a series of freshly squeezed juice. It needed a re branding to correspond to 2017 and future 2018 design trends. Their packaging contains a lot of items that are eco friendly and natural because they mostly use organic material. The main colour scheme includes hot red color with a tint of scarlet crimson and autumn orange, so long as the first series mostly uses red juice - tomato, strawberry, cherry and grapefruit. The shape of the brandmark contains big bright overflows that resemble lava. It is a horizontally oriented and adaptable mark, great for brandbook, stamp, text, magazine and typography designs. The logo uses a simple product mock up images to show how the graphics will look on a real package label.

 Foxorescent is an independent smartphone application and online journal for Android and iOS that focuses on providing local information, life related social news and technological updates. The app is a mixture of a blogging platform and a media website. A visual style plays a huge part in user interaction architecture so taking into account color psychology was an important job. A logo is a stylized image of a fox from a rear view combined with visualization of geometrical shapes – triangles and squares, to showcase the technologicalorigin. They look like a flat illustration artwork. This kind of approach is convinient for abstract logomarks. It contains catchy and vivid colors with a mix of garden orange, purple and coral red, dream blue, sunset orange and spring green. Logo is pretty innovative and responsive in terms of adaptability and can be used as a sample icon or widget.

— Cheerly is an American group of e-commerce and offline stores for talented and creative people who love to create different kinds of awesome art. The place is a paradise for any artist where you can buy paint and hand craft materials: brushes, canvas, japanese marker, dye, frame, doodle notebook, calligraphy templates, pencil accessories and other traditionalpainting supplies. The logo uses elegant feminine lettering with a fun, shiny and saturated rainbow like palette, that contains color transitions of: golden yellow, precious blue, candy ruby, cool cyan, teal, cute fuchsia and stunning magenta. The combinations of memorable,cheerful and rich color palettes draw attention and inspire genuine positive ideas, feelings, a rush of inspiration shooing away negative emotions. The swirl animation is a nice detail that demonstrates the drawing process and is ideal for that kind of brands.

— Good bite is a New York city cafeteria that serves amazing coffee and a large variety of wonderful bakery products and culinary desserts including donuts, cakes, star shaped cookies, muffins, golden pancakes and gingerbreads made with a secret recipe and technology. The styling and interior atmosphere remind of home and is very customer friendly. The thoughtful logo was made with this perspective and mood in mind and is minimalistic with the applied 3D effect. The main texture of the logo is custom drawn and uses a moon like pattern to embrace simplicity and add an artistic touch. To emphasize the idea of deliciousness of the food, make the logo pop up and resemble the corporate name a bite on the top of the cookie was added. The main color is sand yellow with deep chocolate brown parts. The font uses shades of bleak sunshine red. A photo with a little retouching is used as a background.

— Soft made is a California start up that specializes in improving the clients sleep environment by providing appropriate solutions. The lead product line includes mattresses, sleeping masks and pillows. The logo is iconic and depicts a conceptual cloud and an adorable cartoon like sheep character with a relaxed happy smile formed with letters to resemble the firm slogan “counting sheep”. The state of the calm and relaxing sheep changes throughout the GIF animation to show the startup values and goals in a playful manner making the logo distinctive and unforgettable. The fur of the sheep is portrayed in a stylized way to represent softness. The color palette is neat, clean, contains a pastel shade of light turquoise and a bit of ice winter blue. It also has a realistic photography layout in high resolution that shows the night sky landscape full of stars and builds a strong association with bedtime.

— Cazu bikes is an urban bike rental service and store that has a wide price ratio from affordable mountain bikes for unusual trips to the gorgeous luxury ones for fast racing. The company name is a distorted version of the word casual. Their success lays in comfortable and accessible network of city stops where one can borrow a bike in an ordinary fashion for a small quote with a credit card as a viable payment. Apart from bikes the company also sells related accessory: sticker, badge, emblem, tires, protection apparel and clothing and bicycle spare parts. The logo was designed based on basic minimalism geometry to be symmetric, straight forward and self sufficient so the client would understand its meaning. It uses bold and unique sans serif typeface with space between letters to distance from ordinary fonts –for example letter A is a minimalist wheel. The palette is minimal: only floral purple and extra violet tints. The animation depicts a sense of quick motion and underlines the conception of the brand.
All the logotypes were created in Adobe Illustrator and animated in Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.

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