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Stagelink provides event organizers and promoters unique fan insights and effective digital marketing to forecast sales and maximize profit.

Stagelink analyzes event and audience data to accurately predict ticket sales as well as optimal design and channel marketing activities. Launched in Germany in 2014, Stagelink has supported hundreds of promoters to successfully produce over 1,000 events by collecting and mining more than 100 million data points.

Artist Profile pages allow fans to vote on the location where they wish to attend the show. Upon voting, fans are invited to personalize the event by providing more information.

Questions like price, that were previously associated with the vote (1st step) were removed to the Personalization widget. This specific change, associated with a better mobile experience, duplicated the conversion of the votes.
We understood that 44% of the fans were more willing to provide sensitive information in a second level interaction. Questions like merchandise, meet & greets and stream options were also approached here.​​​​​​​

Later on, when the Events or Tours are published, the system takes the previous fan vote into account and displays the nearest Event to the user on top of the list. Fans can pick the Event and start with the Ticket selection.​​​​​​​
The ticketing solution for Events it's an important topic at Stagelink since it's one of the main sources of revenue. Metrics showed that the Checkout process had an average of 74% of fans accessing the page through a mobile device, apart that the funnel conversions was not optimal.

Besides huge drops in specific steps of the flow, it was also required to validate and optimize the Payment Services facilities.​​​​​​​

User Testing sessions were held by me in order to find common pain points and deliver a product fit solution. Upon identifying and prioritizing the main problems, the team tackled the problems that delivered immediate business value. After testing different versions and in a few iterations, the team increased the sales funnel conversion by 2%.

Majken Cramer, Khizar Aziz, Rob Staalduinen, Svetlana Radyuk & Michał Szyndel are/were some of the team members.​​​​​​​