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    Sophomore infographic design project Fall 2012 - University of Kansas.
Collect data and information on any chosen subject. You will use your classmates/peers to collect the variables of a specified subject. The subject can be anything that can be measured statistically. You will then visually represent the research into three visual solutions. The first that is purely a Typographic solution, the second that is an Image based solution and third where you do not use the computer in any shape or form.

Introduction: We live in a world of information. More and more we depend on the visual trnalation of data into information as an important part of our everyday life. The term “data” in itself does not constitute communication, but is more accurately defined as raw statistics.

Designers play an integral part in visualizing information and making it accessible to the reader/viewer. Providing informative “form” to raw data in a manner that allows accessibility and viewer intersst, makes the process of communication have more meaning and understanding. Designers can respond to the display of statistical information by relying on conventionally expected “forms” to display information. By designers can also respond in a manner that invites engagement for the viewer through a form that reflects a “relatedness” to the “content” of the information, as well as new innovative way to visualize this content.