EVERYDAYS OCTOBER 2017 :: 707 - 737 :: YEAR 002
A selection of my best everydays from October 2017.

An on going project where I challenge myself to create a new piece of art, from start to finish, everyday. No skipping days. No exceptions.

What started as a personal challenge to learn Cinema 4D has evolved into a grounding ritual. Making everydays a core part of my daily routine was a true test of my will, but the satisfaction of task completion combined with rapid progress allowed me to muster the discipline to continue. Deciding not to give up is one of the best decisions I have ever made as this project has provided me with endless learning and opportunities.

All work is created in Cinema 4D, rendered with Octane, and composited in Photoshop or After Effects.
Other programs utilized include Zbrush, Substance Designer, Worldmachine, and DAZ 3D.

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