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    Online positioning to a top-class restaurant.
At this project I used a lot of skills in Creative Direction, while I had to design the project, show and defend it with the client, think about a lot of details, manage my team...
This project wouldn't never be possible with the big help from this team:
Jean Pierre - Front end developer
This guy used a lot of
Fabi Magnier - Photographer
She had a lot of patience with me, clickng everything I asked. Her talent was used to illustrate all online communication.
I also clicked she, see here.
Luciene Dias - Content creator
Lu give me a lot of insights to use in layout, and created incredible more than 40 titles to use in the blog, keeping the creative line that I had created before.
- I visited the 'News Restaurante' to see some details. Take a look at the walls: I tried to respect the typography, some elements and the ambient. The restaurant is very beautiful, so, I decided to make a photo-based website.
The online communication was tottally focused in the day-by-day there, placing the food as the center of the subjects. The clients was the journalists.
Home - Designed to have a big banner, completelly customizable. The main idea was to have always blocks linking with a blog post, a tweet and a post on Facebok - all related with the banner.
About - I divided the place in six parts, giving them a name. I also contributed with the text about the restaurant.
Menu - When the user select one option, he can see details about it: see all burgers, or all pizzas, for example.
Photos - "Show the images" is a term used by some TV hosts in Brazil, and I used it to give more life to the text. With Fabi Magnier's help, I created a image gallery and created some interesting situations to click. The photo used in this section is the moment when I called the restaurant team to taste something. Yes, I talk to the chef to use that hat :-D
Photos - A photo gallery detail
Reservations - After talking a lot with the restaurant owner, we saw that was possible create a simple form to reservations.
Register - The curiosity in this screen is the photo: who's the model dressing black and writing something in the paper? Yeah! Fabi Magnier clicked me in the exact instant!
Contact - Yes, it's a simple screen. But it works like a charm ;-)
Delivery campaign
I designed the main concept to the delivery campaign. The photo was taken in the agency, see it here:
The video was totally executed by Gustavo Moraes.