I am happy to share here my graduation film "Burn Out" !
I did this short making of to show part of my process while working on my graduation film (between September 2016 and April 2017)
Here are some details, for those interested :
The preproduction lasted 3,5 month. In Gobelins, Paris, with the help of the teachers in Gobelins (and feedbacks from my friends, as well !), I worked in parallel on :
- Script writing,
- Storyboard and animatic (with Toon Boom Storyboard Pro)
- Visual development (character design, environment, colors)
Then I moved in CalArts (California), for an exchange program, to work on the production, which lasted 3,5 month as well. Let's say approximately :
- 1 month reworking on my animatic, choosing voice actor, recording voices, working on the final backgrounds
- 1 month for the rough animation (with TVPaint)
- 1 month for the clean
- The rest of the time on colorisation and compositing

- Erwann Chandon, who did the Soundtrack. ( erwannchandon.com/site/ )
- Mathieu Tiger, who worked on the Sound Design. ( mathieutiger.blogspot.com )
- Valentin Lucas ( v-lucas.tumblr.com/ ) on FX animation and Joël Durand ( joel-durand.tumblr.com/ ) on hands animation
- My marvelous voice actors : Samantha Bartow , Zuzu Darling and Gabby Capili
- All my teachers who helped me on each stage of the process
- All my friends for feedback, advice, emotional support