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    First of three summarizing albums of the year that contains important thoughts (for me) about taking shots. Do not hesitate to leave comments :)
Hello there,

the end of the year is coming slowly, but inevitably. For the last year I've published quite a lot of photos. Some of them I didn't even touch, some of them were corrected (cut, color modified, sharpen or noise grain removed). As in the last year I'm having the mood of cutting the edge line, by posting everything photo I like to post and do not touch them (at least for Behance).

The topic of photo modifications for me was, is and will be very important. I still think that a lot of photos are destroyed by using the software filters as they change how we see the world. My philosophy was, is and hope will be to modify the photo in the way to remove what camera couldn't capture, but what we capture by our eyes (or eyes+imagination). In other words, if there is a mud on the ground, it should be on the modified photo as well.

One more very mind-disturbing photo modification, is cutting a piece. Sometimes I taking a shot, knowing I will cut a part of it because i do not want to use zoom, or while zooming I'm losing/gaining the light intensity I do not want. But more and more often I keep catching myself on a thought that some pieces of photos can be cut and presented independent. I suppose it is a matter of personal taste in the end, but still, now I do not have some internal rule, should I or shouldn't I? This album will be one of three albums I will post up to end of November (unless until then I wouldn't be somewhere taking ridiculous amounts of photos and willing post them separately). These albums contains the pictures i took in the last 5-6 months, which i did not include anywhere, but I like the photos so much that I decided to to group them and post.

Because they were taken in different time and place, each photo will be given a name, place and approximate time (lazy me is lazy to remember exact dates, which is not important, anyway). UPDATE! Actually, this ones are all taken in Austria, but, anyway, I keep writing the place xD.

 IMPORTANT! This album is dedicated to one major question: "Do you like more 4x3, 2x1 or 3x1 height-to-width sized photos"? I would appreciate some comments with your thoughts. As an example I choose some of the shots, which for my mind are not as bad in both "fat" and "slim" representations.

Hope you enjoy looking, and please, do not hesitate to share your thoughts!

Lone flower (profile version, tired autumn version, evening autumn version).
Wiener Neustadt, Austria. October, 2012
White wall (full wall version, small fence version)
Wiener Neustadt, Austria. October, 2012
Ugly blob (relentless summer version, lazy autumn version)
Wiener Neustadt, Austria. October, 2012
Almost a Christmas tree (actual version, just some sticks with the snow version)
Wiener Neustadt, Austria. October, 2012
One step from "I met a martian life"
Wiener Neustadt, Austria. October, 2012
My fail try to shoot a spider network.)
Wiener Neustadt, Austria. October, 2012
Looking through a prison (human version, gnome version)
Wiener Neustadt, Austria. October, 2012
Not camomilles (I wonder if anyone knows what's its name. Appreciate a-lot if you let me know ^__^).
Wiener Neustadt, Austria. October, 2012