32m Yacht Smart Luxury Design Concept 
by Daphnis Fournier 

It's Personal project make with help of Proship naval engieniers in Italy, in la Spezia.
It the fruit of my imagination feed by the beautyfull landscapes and see of "cinque terre" in italy and from the knowlegde i get from the projects i did for Proship a naval compagny based in Laspezia in Italy, a town very near to cinque terre, less than half of hour by car or train.
Like my designs philosophy is to give a shape to a object from our expectations and needs on the projects this project follow this rule too.
It's a ecofriendly yacht that allows you to reduce water resistance effort, to have a more fluent and stable trip, and also to have more high speed thanks to it's shape that bring naturally the boat out from water.
It's propulsed by 3 engines that  looks like torpedos attached to the boat shape. It's a hybrid boat on terms of feelings and energy. It's energy comes from existing white photovoltaic panels that allow you to step on. It's reason why most of the parts of the boat that are accessible from sunlight are equiped with thos photovoltaic cells. t's reason why is no many windows on the roof too.  It's also propulsed thanks to fossils energy, but only for "take of" out from the water, and if the pilot  wants more high spend for a short time, otherwise this enrgy is keeped as a backup in case of need. Thanks to a system that catch the wave energy at night or when the boat is in movement, when you need to move to batteries are allways full of energy. The photovoltaic cells try to keep full the batteries when the boat is mooving on high spend without fossils energy, they also recharge the batteries whe  boat is not used by daytime.
This is for hybrid in energy terms, but this Boat it's also hybrid in terms of living feeling for it's passengers and in terms of conception.
It's a boat with part plane and submarine effect. As the boat "take of" out from water, you have more the feeling to fly than navigate when you ride it. Also when i imagine it i was think the submarine effect will have more big place. I was imagine that the underground floor will be more inside the water. I was think that the huge window on the back of the boat, will be totally underwater, letting you enjoy fwhen you are on this floor the see life. But after checking with naval engieniers. The boat will be as on the pictures. So level of water on same level of the windows beginining line. No see life view. But you can enjoy it diving with or without diving scooters. But for submarine part, i discover during the process thanks to naval engieniers than my boat will be allow to cross the big waves as a knife, being for a short time underwater. I discover that because i was affraid my boat will can naviguate only on calm and flat sees, but not on ocean durring a storm for exemple. But after study with the naval engieners it will be no problem for the boat to naviguate on not flat and calm water even during a storm on the ocean.
Because as a explain before, the boat will can (depending to the driver), cross a to big wave, founding a shorter way. As do surfers with their surf when they swim with their surf away for the beach, searching for the wave, the one that will allow them to surf on it. Before found this wave they have to go search it swimming against the waves power. For minimize their effort when they cross a big wave they dive underwater with their surf underwater for a short period, the time wave pass. My boat will cross the too big waves on this logic.

This boat is more close to nature, to environements but also to Humans, because it's foolow our living habbits, activity on day time, and recharge at night. 
 It's designed for long distance trip thanks to it's speed and  low energy cost. If used smartly you can travel arround all the word without care about fuell.
Even if this boat travel on high spend, you have a more calm, peacefull and confortable journey, as the waves chocks are avoid. It's absorb the chocks.
In case of not flat see, a dangerous storm for exemple, thanks to the naval engieniers studies, that boat must cross the big waves as a knife. 
As the boat is designed for go out from water, we work the shapes on this way but also we try to have differents shapes than conventional boat in terms to maximize the interior design possibilities.
The rear part of the boat is much more like Housse walls than any conventional boat. It offer large spaces inside.
On the top floor you can enjoy sun on a Huge 2/4 persons bed, 2 large sofas for 5/8 persons. on coffe table. All this furnitures are equiped with frigorified storages for put fruits and drinks, and others storages more any purpose. On front of the yacht shape you  can find a jakuzi / spa / small swimming pool. This swimming pool is place on a strategic place of the boat for equilibrate the weight of the boat, for the boat remain as horizontal is possible even on high speed, and also  for a smart use this front space that is given from the front shape, that as other parts help the boat to go out from water, but are not exploitable place for interior design.
For passengers security this Swimming pool must be covered if you want can get top cruise speed, if it's not covered a security alarm will remind that to the driver.
In same level indoor there you can found the cockpit, a kitchen with all necessary equipement with a diner table and smart furniture that offers many sorages.
 On the back there is 2 huge garrages : One for the ground obejects, one for the see objects.
Ground objects garrages, is enough big for can accept : one car, 2 motorbikes/scooters, Bicycles, ect
See objects garrages, is enough big for can store : two big zodiac boat, 2 jetskis, diving scooters, wakeboards, skis, ect
This garages are identic, on on the right on the left with one way on the middle of them on human dimensions for can go in and out from the boat.
The garrage doors open to outside as middle ages castle doors. offering a easy way to put out and in the cars, bicycles, ect. For See objects there is a rudimentary system that allow you to put in and out in safety and easyway the big or heavy objects.
But this garages has 2 doors, the one to outside and an other one to inside for more easy access for put in all interior design conception or changes, for furnitures, or all to big objects for human door.
Of course all this object must be put in or out when one of the garrage is eough empty for that.
This design studdy is very complete, durring the design conception many evolutions and sollutions where found to the problem we found or the problem we expected i give some exemple before, but there an other one. 
The imerged part of the boat take place, and can not allow you to go on not deep water. 
It's reason why we imagine with the Italian yacht enginiers of La Spezia a system that remain this shape flat when boat is stopped.
Durring "take off" regarding to the speed of the boat, the shape take it's normal shape.

This Boat is 100% workable, but it is a very technologic and technic boat, it needs a Boat factory with high level knowledge but also it will be a very expenssive boat. It's as a diamond of technology, technics and knowledge, so of course it will be difficult to devellop. For decrease the cost the boat will surelly evolve regarding to the buyers expectations and budget. This boat concept is looking for customers, clients, invetissors and buyers.
About what i know, if the boat business works as on the Italian compagny i was,  you first found investissors for your projects, buyers that would like to have it, They pay you a deposit 1/3 of total cost, then when you have enough buyers. You start produce the boat. 2/3 of the toatl cost is often needed on the middle of production, and 3/3 of the total cost on delivery. As residential building business.
So i am searching for some custumers that fall in love with this projects to get some help for finance a prototype.
And can give the opportunity to propose this boat to mass market, thanks to a yacht rental compagny for exemple, as soon we found enaugh budget for build a prototype thanks to investissors. The devellopement of this yacht will be at least of 5years but i am affraid it will be more arround 10years time to fix all technical issues.

An other description :

This Boat is powered by 3 engines, 3 torpedoes linked to the immerged shape of the boat.
1 is electric 'the most big (3times bigger than the 2 others), 2 are conventional (smaller).
The 2 conventional are used only for "take off" out of the water or for have a maximum of speed on short distance.
Most of time boat use the electric engine only, for can do long distance trip.
Thanks to it's white photovoltaique panels that allow you to step on.
This boat allow you to make very longs trip without be dependent of the maritime ratings. Except if you need buy food. ;)
At night it recharge it's battery thanks to a energy recovery of waves movements.
By day like the boats recharge it's self with solar energy thanks to it's photovolatic panels, it is allow to maximize battery life/ using time.
Thanks to it"s shape the boat naturally go out of the water without effort.
It's combine like this a fast and durable use. this values are often opposite, and not easylly match together. But that's not all.
This technologie/shape allow also to have a very smooth trip absorbing the waves shocks, most of time is not shocks. So the trip is verry confortable for the passengers, even for those who are not feeling them self good on a boat.
In case of very bad weather, when the waves are to big. The boat is able to go through the wave.
This boat, part plane, part submarine. Offer all confort required.
Out door : you can enjoy a small pool/jakuzzi/spa (it's position on front of the boat, is for have an equilibrate shape, and also use the space of front shape. dificult to use for other purpose.
Outdoor you also can found 2 huge sofa for 2x 5 persons at list, with a table with frigorific storages for can keep somes drinks and food fresh and cold.
 And also a huge outdoor bed for can take sun (2/3people at least).
When the boat is stopped you can also take sun on the roof and wingsor dive from there. As you can see the roof has the minimum of windows for can maximise the photovoltaic superficie.
Inside you can found the cockpit with driving controls, with a kitchenand dinning table. 
ON same floor you have on the bootm of the boat to flat huge doors that open like a drawbridge, and allow you on left one to park all your terrestrial vehicules (one car, 1 motorbike, Bicycles, ect) On right side all you see vehicules ( 2 jet skis (or more) Diving equipement, 2 submarine moto, and one big inflatable dinghy)
On the other floor, you have the feeling to step on the water, like the floor is on same level than thewater.
For the strory the huges windows of this floor was designed for can appriciate seelike from the window whe the boat is stopped. But when the design was done, after checking with the technical yacht engieniers. The water level will be not more high than the beginning of window.
By the way, on this floor you can found 2  (childrens/tenager) rooms on front of the boat, One salon, and 2 huge suites (parents/couples) with a great panorama on the bottom of the boat thanks to it's huge widow.
The design of the boat was also design for maximise the place and can more easylly do a big interior space.
If you look on the bottom of the boat, this part looks more like a house than a boat cause the wall are perfectly streight. and not curve at all. This helps to maximise the interior space. And as the boat is designed for be driven out of the water, it xas possible to do this way.
As the wally boad this boat has a exclussive design. All boats are very curvy. It 's start to be boring. This boat is very faceted like a diamond or a lamborghini. Allsaw it's shape have been specially designed and modified during the working process for optimise "the take off" out of the Water.
The imerged shape of the boat take place, and can not allow you to go on not deep water.
It's reason why we imagine with the Italian yacht enginiers of La Spezia a system that remain this shape flat when boat is stopped.
Durring "take off" regarding to the speed of the boat, the shape take it's normal shape.

For more pictures on all this additionnal infos please feel allow to contact me.   
Yacht design

Yacht design

32m Yacht Smart Luxury Design Concept by Daphnis Fournier It's Personal project make with help of Proship naval engieniers in Italy, in la Spe Read More