For Honor Faction War was created in the beginning of 2017. The idea was to have ongoing War year long challenge while illustrating the uniqueness of each new content released at the beginning of each season. The Faction War provides full of in game activities to the players and gives rhythm to year one. For each season, 2 Faction fight each other for the title. We had the pleasure to work on this project and come up with the concepts representing the year one design and communication strategy. 
Order and Havoc marks the introduction of a brand new 4v4 objective game mode: Tribute. In this game mode, teams will have to do whatever it takes to claim and protect offerings at their shrines making vigilance, speed and communication your greatest skills.
 Concept Art Direction 
Patrice Dufresne
 Creative Direction 
Fabien Troncal
 Chef de produit FH
Pascal Le Roux
 Graphic Design and 3D
Olivier Ammirati
Arya Sadat-Sowti
Eve Berthelette
 CGI Video
TM & Copyright ©Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved
TM & Copyright ©Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved