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    Branding, photography, web design for Swiss watch retailer - Baltic Watches
Baltic Watches 
Full-service watch center

Little branding, Wordpress adaptation and photo/video content for Latvian watch center Baltic Watches, that specializes in Swiss watches, which are trusted to relentlessly record the happy moments of the watch owners. 

Logo design
A long story short

At first, the brand should be called Watches.store. We were trying to get the proper domain name, played with the "-" "." and other symbols, trying different domain names. We wanted it to be unique and playful. But then realized that the target audience is above 35-40 y.o., so it should be as clear as possible

Once we decided on the name - we started to explore different directions, 
but the client was up to something clear and simple
That's how we came to the logo we have right now - making it simple, yet playful

Interior design

Baltic Watches is located in the Old Town (Riga), that's why we had to keep the existing old elements, but mix it with different contemporary elements

Business concept

Baltic Watches is like a perfectly tuned mechanism. Recognized at the Baltic state level and beyond, it's leading professionals provide exceptional service which is as accurate as the best Swiss watches. 
Baltic Watches watch center offers the repurchase, exchange, sale and repair of watches, as well as warranty and after sale service.
We tried to create the atmosphere of personal attitude to every client and their watches.

Best repair in town

Unique feature we had to show - Baltic Watches repair and warranty services. Their lead watchmaker Ervīns Undelis is certificated by Swiss manufacturers such as Maurice Lacroix and Raymond Weil. 
And this is what we tried to communicate through photos and videos


Since basically it's a startup, company that merges different various locations and businesses, we were short on a budget, so we decided to go with wordpress template adaptation, making it branded with our unique images.

Thank you for your attention, more photos and videos for this project coming soon!

Check out my insta profile @sergiolaskin for more recent works!