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    Re designing The WInd in The Willows book cover for Penguin Awards Competition 2013.
 Penguin Book Cover Competition Entry
I decided to re design the classic Wind In The Willows book as everyone knows the story or know of the characters involved in the book. I however have never read the book so I thought it would be a nice challenge.

The idea is to create a number of book covers that will feature a character on the front so that my target audience can pick their favourite childhood character to pass on to their children to cherish. Also the cover becomes a collectors piece.

My target audience is parents that grew up reading this classic book. The cover is simplistic is the sense of colour palette and bringing in the earthy natural colours of the wood and surrounding in which the book is set.

The main character is a hand drawn illustration that I drew and then scanned in and edited in photoshop and illustrator. I really think I've captured Mr Toad's crazed and slightly cheeky personality in my illustration. The rough lines and ink drops tie together the habitat in which a toad would live in as well as his chaotic ways with the water drops running down the cover. Also the hierarchy creates the idea of the front cover being a victorian styled wanted poster as Mr Toad does get arrested in the story.

The type for the title and back cover quote is completely hand made. I wanted to bring together the rough uneven paths and tree branches and manipulate the type to suit.

To bring to cover to life I've added a belly band around the cover that depicts Mr Toad's scarf blowing around the front cover and on to the back cover where it wraps itself around the back body text.
Front cover with scarf wrap around
Back cover with scarf wrap around
Front cover
Back cover
Final book cover layout
Original illustration