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31 Hero Inktober 2017
My theme for the Inktober was 31 character of comics, manga, BD or strip, I've read. Description is given under the drawing. 
Ran from the 'Ran and the Grey World'
Iron Man
John Difool from Incal 
Wonder-wow-man! from here
Wolverine is angry with his suit
Stalk from Saga
The Guardian of the Galaxy vs One Piece
Le Marquis d'Anaon
Vitaliy from here
Creature from the Seashore of a Snail
Wolf Ivan Realmwalkers Bubble comics
Michman, Varya and Ivan from here
Dylan Dog and Block (a russian poet)
Kodama and Akari. A study of a cover (Black Joke)  by Taguchi Masayuki
The villian Prof from Kuzmichev's 'Sex, Violence, Rock-n-roll' comics The line says, "When do villians from movies stop to be so pathetic slowpokes?!" After watching BladeRunner2049.
Tank Girl and Tank-y
Major Grom from Bubble comics
Owen Wilson as Pip Bernadotte (Hellsing)
Motoko from Ghost in the Shell
Manga Harley Quinn
Metabaron by Jodorowsky in Bryan Lee O'Malley style
Erunduks from here
The Preshon from  Ekhö by Arleston -Barbucci
Sasha from Nishi Keiko's 'Love and the Warship'
Grethen from Zombillenium by Arthur de Pins
Zombie vs Vampire from 'Requiem' by Mills-Ledroit
Zell from 'The Return', self project. Lines read 'God! That's me? But what a golliwog!'
31 Hero Inktober 2017

31 Hero Inktober 2017

31 Hero Inktober 2017
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