#ColorFontWeek - 5 FREE color fonts
#ColorFontWeek: 5 color fonts over 5 days

In October 2017, Fontself, the Illustrator team and Adobe partnered with five top creatives from around the world to celebrate the arrival of color fonts!

This collaboration - the #ColorFontWeek - showcases the potential of a groundbreaking font technology, OpenType-SVG, which brings color, shades, textures and opacity to digital typefaces. And the good news is that color fonts are now supported in the latest versions of Illustrator & Photoshop CC... ! YES!!!

You can learn more about this launch on Adobe's blog and check this Fontself post to read about the full story behind this project.

And now, here are the 5 color fonts that are available for free during the #ColorFontWeek, from October 31st to November 5th 2017. Kudos to their 5 generous designers!!!
MEGAZERO, by Alex Trochut from New-York, USA
Aires, by Yai Salinas from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Popsky, by Igor Petrovic from Berlin, Germany
Abelone, by Maria Grønlund from Lystrup, Denmark
Playbox, by Matt Lyon from London, UK
So U like dat fontz? Then go ahead and download these beauties since they will be available for free only until Sunday Nov. 5 2017 on the ColorFontWeek website!
Using color fonts to design in Illustrator and Photoshop CC is SO MUCH FUN !!!! Hope you will enjoy them too ;)
Now let's have a look behind the scenes, as these color fonts have been crafted after a lot of research and hard work:
MEGAZERO by Alex Trochut, New-York USA
Aires by Yai Salinas, Buenos Aires Argentina
Popsky by Igor Petrovic, Berlin Germany
Abelone by Maria Grønlund, Lystrup Denmark
Playbox by Matt Lyon, London UK
Wonder how these cool creatives crafted their very first color font?

Easy: they used Fontself Maker, an extension for Illustrator & Photoshop CC that brings font creation capabilities to both AI & PS.

The process is super simple: doodle your letters in Illustrator and just drag & drop them on the Fontself Maker panel:
Font creation, the easy way ;)
Fontself Maker can export both standard OpenType vector fonts as well as OpenType-SVG color vector fonts.

Check more about Fontself Maker here - and learn about how it was used on another cool color font: Gilbert, from the TypeWithPride project.
Still reading? Then go ahead check the fonts on the ColorFontWeek website !!!
#ColorFontWeek - 5 FREE color fonts