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    JavaScript code examples with CreateJS.
New StageGL of CreateJS 1.0.0 is used. This code is forked from "EaselJS 0.8.0: Bursting particles animation with the linked list" and increased the number of particles to 30,000 (x 10) as well as expaning range of display area.
This code creates a cube in the three dimensional space and rotates it around the X and Y axes, corresponding to the position of the mouse pointer.
Rotating a cube consisted with bitmap faces in 3d space. ECMAScript 2015 syntaxes are used including classes, inheritance, get and static as well as new Array methods with arrow functions.
Free-falling balls on a floor with the CreateJS and the Box2D physics engine. This is a physics simulation of many rigid bodies in 2D space.
Drag the instance to rotate and throw it. Simplified movement of "intentionallies"
This code revised "Arc Rainbow" by Grant Skinner in order to simplify its structure. This code illustrates an example to use EaselJS Graphics commands.
Based on the experimental code by Sebastian DeRossi this code changes its behavior a little and was revised the details.
Ported from the ActionScript 3.0 sample by Keith Peters.
Ported from the ActionScript 3.0 sample by Keith Peters.
Scaling Effect based on the experiment by Sebastian DeRossi is revised to use the ImageLoader class in the PreloadJS 0.6.0.
Drag over the image to wipe out blur.
Based on the book, "AdvancED ActionScript 3.0 Animation" by Keith Peters, the Verlet structures is used in this code.
Referring a sample in "Foundation Actionscript 3.0 Animation: Making Things Move!" by Keith Peters, and this code is re-written with CreateJS.
revises the example code, "Tween Circles", in the official site to simplify it and run with the latest CreateJS.
Glowing colorful circles with random radius and blur. Their moving speeds proportionate to their radiuses.