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    Corporate Identity for daliy madness, my diploma project.
M is for mndfck

I asked myself the question:"what happens to all the images, logos, icons and slogans we as designers create when they are used  out in the real world?" What kind of impact do htey have on the people who see them every day for most of their lives, from birth to death? I read a lot of Sytem- and Mediatheory like Debord, Fiske, Luhmann and Derry and the essence of all their thoughts and writing for me was that those images and icons are the mortar of our societys (western world), the things we all can fully relate to and identify with.

I definetly wanted to visualize this ;)

The next Step was to observe and see if i can find some "weird" everyday situations catalysed by what we get tought from the media, guess what? I found a lot of them.

Why do our pets have to eat exquisit coalfish with whitewhine-sauce? Why do we all want to be "forever young" ?
Why do we all want to  look like professional atheletes (i personally sit most of the time in front of a computer^^) and get plastic boobs and fake noses? What defines me as a person? My actions and features or my iPhone and my super long friendlist on facebook?

Where do those desires come from? From ourselves or from what we see and hear every day?

Who was first? The egg or the chicken?

I chose the "Penrose-Triangle" also known as Tribar as may vehicle to express this absurdism on a visual basis.
It seemed perfect to me because of its unique optical characteristics – it fucks with your mind.

I tried to push it in a lot of diffenrent directions like typography and visual complexity. I illustrated, i cut magazines, shot photos, made collages and wrote some stuff (some own thoughts, some phrases out of lyrics of bands i liked an felt that their words could emphasize what i wanted to express viusaly).

In the end ist a book, a corporate identiy of daily madness.

I uploaded only a few pages of it and chose to present them in a mock-up style so you can have a good look on details and stuff. At my website
http://iriot.de  you can see the whole book phtographed in an animated .gif (takes quite some time to fully buffer 8 mb or so -.-), feel free to do that :)

Feedback and thoughts are very welcome, as alwasy.