Church Website Redesign
Site designed in Photoshop.  Pure implementation of HTML, CSS and JavaScript by hand.  CMS-based version of the same design is currently in the pipeline.
The home page, entirely rendered in HTML and CSS as a (mostly) fluid layout.  The verses are generated by Javascript and a CSV file.  The site uses two navigation bars with redundant links due to the findings of our usability testing.
I agree with Marshall McLuhan that "the medium is the message."  By expressing core doctrines in plain text, the website gives the visitor insight into the life of the church.  I wrapped the text in a div and added a scrollbar to keep the rest of the page from extending too far.
This project called for using real photos, but we couldn't take many good shots of the church at the sizes and proportions the design mandated.  This stained glass cross is my favorite for the way its reds balance the red heart in the logo.
Any project that lets me drop an icon on Google Maps is a good project.