The Garment District Rebrand
A project is built to teach about logos, brand, and identity. The process of this project was to pick a brand from a list of selected local businesses, create a logo mark based on thorough research, develop a visual identity for the business from a series of 4 brand assets and then creating a printable presentation piece that documents the final solution of the brand. Branding designed for Graphic Design II taught by Rosemary Conroy at MassArt

The Garment District is “an alternative department store” selling thrifted, vintage clothing as well as costumes. They are sorted into 3 categories (the normal thrift store upstairs, the pound pile, and the costume store). While competitive with other local thrift stores like Boomerangs and Urban Renewals, the Garment District sells not only the clothing, but the experience of what it means to go to the Garment District.

The Garment District is located close to MIT (about 15 minute walk away from Kendall T stop) and near many other small cafes and tattoo parlors, making its location another attraction to the allure of the Garment District.

And as we move towards the millennial audience gaining nancial stability and independence, we see that there is a movement towards not only the internet age of trend awareness, but environmental awareness and overall attraction to thrifting and/or second hand buying (cue Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop”).

Your average shopper is probably millennial (between the ages of 20 to early 30s) and is also most likely feminine in appearance or identifying as a woman. They are also most likely white, but many young people of color are likely to shop at the Garment District. Many identify with a tumblr movement like “soft grunge” or some other al- ternative movement like emo or punk. They also are likely to have dyed hair, use canvas bags, or small backpacks.

It’s not a district. It’s a store.
Process Book
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Paper Assets
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