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    Explaining the characteristics of a specific typeface through visually engaging poster sets.
Series of information on the intensive study of the typeface "Futura", represented in a series of visually engaging typographic posters.
The following 10 posters are the very initial posters we started working on at the beginning of the project.
We focused just on representing a minimum of 12 characteristics for these posters.
However the posters each had to include as well the entire alphabet, punctuation, numbers and our font's classification, along with a little brief about it.

The following 10 posters were sets of 2 posters each that compliment each other; the content including:
- the 12 characteristics of our font
- the entire alphabet, punctuation, numbers
- our font's classification & short brief paragraph or few lines about it
- font designer's name & date of birth/death
- quote about our typeface

Animated GIF of our font.
Final poster part 1
 Final poster part 2
Final poster set