Graphic Stories Cyprus 2016 | 2nd Visual Communication Designers Meeting

The event was created to cover something that seemed to be missing from Cyprus the previous years, in relation to graphic design. As Robert Peters aimfully said, "Design creates culture, culture shapes values and values define the future". 

Xmas Wishes from Graphic Stories Cyprus 
Pins of the 2nd GSC
Business cards
Flyer Program (front side)
Flyer Program (back side)
GSC 2016 - video | The best moments from the 2nd GSC
Visual Identity Design: Aggeliki MK Athanasiadi
Creative & Art Director of GSC: Aggeliki MK Athanasiadi
Animated Intro & Illustration: Aristarchos Papadaniel
Filming & Video Editing: Lefteris Kokkinakis​​​​​​​
Photography: Michalis Theocharides