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    Supermama Design Mart Branding
This is a branding created for Supermama Design Mart, a pop up market selling handcrafted quality goods held quarterly a year. 

I got the idea for the logo from the table being used, a slab of wood supported by 2 trestles below. The event name "Supermama Design Mart" sits on the table synonymous to products on a table. 

The logo can be in full or shortened in a playful manner.
The arrangement can also be used for vendor brands, dates and products. 
All vendors have to fill up the participation form for approval. Vendors will receive a badge as a gift and a lanyard to wear for the event before returning them at the end of the day.
Posters designed to get people to join and also shoutout about the event side by side. 

(Below) The most used medium would be vinyl as they are quite cost efficient and works well. I had an idea of having portable light boxes for night pop up marts.