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    A Branding for a Singaporean Homeware
This branding project started out with a mistake I made while I was working in Supermama. In Chinese, we write "Singapore" as "新加坡" but I accidentally wrote it as "新家坡". However, "新家坡" which also made sense meant "New Home Land". 

In Singapore, we are a melting pot of culture. Many foreigners from worldwide have traveled here to stay or work and hence Singapore has became their new temporary or permanent home.

The branding was based of a beloved nostalgic product of the past. The Ping Pong porcelain series – a set of porcelain homewares that range from bowls and cups with the motif of children playing a game of Ping Pong accompanied with the words "Train your body and health". 

We gave the children a twist, changing out their bats to familiar Singaporean items. A drink packet (a takeaway drink packaging from the local coffee shop) and a Tingkat (a tiffin carrier) as we wanted to emphasise on the Singaporean aspect.

The branding was intended for an in house product to be launched on Singapore National Day, however as there had been a change in plans, it was not realised in the end.
Logo and Logomark
Product Tags / Gift Tags –
Product tags for items which are also able to act as a mini gift card.
Homeware –
Application of the logo onto homewares. 
Product packaging for porcelain home ware –
Usually porcelain items are wrapped with foam, a sticker secures the foam and then the product is placed into the box.
Stickers – 
For creative use with gift cards, wrapping or a little treat for children.

Logo Direction: Edwin Low and Team
Designer: Ella Zheng

Cheers! Hope you have enjoyed the project!