Experimental. Film. Adapt. Concrete. Life.
[Lithophyte is a philosophical fable about our tug-of-war with the accelerated invasion of the concrete to occupy not only space but peace of mind, too.
The story unfolds a metaphorical human-nature relationship depicted visually in three successive phases where the different space matches a new cognitive state. The female character explores distinct encounters with the Nature and with each “meeting”, she finds the nature more corrupted by the process of modernization within societies. Her own felicity and comfort are altered. With consciousness and responsibility for the transformation and loss, she struggles to preserve what is left from wilderness.
The character finds her strength fostered by her emotions and lyricism, by her chronic need to give and receive love even in the most precarious of conditions, just like the plants adapted to life on rocks.]
Worldwide premiered at "Filmul de Piatră" Film Festival (RO) - Official In-Competition Selection
Director | Choreographer: Alina Stefan
Director of Photography | Editor: Amalia Gaiță
Dancers: Cristina Siminiceanu, Camelia Nedelcu, Alina Ștefan
Scriptwriter: Cornelia Iordache
Sound Designers: Amalia Gaiță, Cristina Precupaş
Audio Effects: Berlin Atmospheres
Make-up Artist: Bojița Ilici