The Company
A startup out of the bay area that wanted to help small retail customers have a turn-key solution to tracking who is coming and going from their shops.  The goal was to create a free standing, accurate system that could count people discretely .

Designed To Go Unnoticed​​​​​​​
This sensor lives above a door and uses proprietary sensors to detect someone coming in or leaving a shop.  Being a device that lives in plain sight to a patron, I wanted to create a shape that hid in the environment.  The tapered shape is an extension of the door frame that it lives on top of and help to hide the bulk of the internals.  The entire body is white, but able to be easily painted to match the door frame if desired.   Additionally, this project establishes a design language that will serve the company past its early stages as it develops better and better products.  

This project was a collaboration with my great team at Bolt.