Artemy Lebedev Expedition
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    Ethnographic expedition in Moscow
This October I joined an ethnographic expedition to Moscow as an illustrator and my main task was to depict in drawings general impressions of the day. The expedition was led by a celebreted Russian designer and traveller Artemy Lebedev. And i'm going to post my works of each day here.
Hope you'll enjoy!
First day. Artemy Lebedev in "Sup" caffe 
Expedition doctor. Surgeon Alex
Detector to determine the Muscovite
Golf Lessons
Visit the Solyanka catacombs
Bunker 42 on Taganka street
Visiting Marat Guelman
View of the Pussy Riot - Church
Moscow gateway

Moscow patio

It*s the first time I flew in a small helicopter.
All day at +5 degrees we scoured the Moscow River
Neighborhood of Hitrovka side street
October, 26
Kroc's office, Institute of Psychology, Restaurant "in the dark"
October 27, Moscow

Flea Market "Fair Lefty",
The museum of forgotten things "Russian house"
October 28

Erotic hairdresser,
Museum of Industrial Culture.
October 29

Tram depot Rusakov (100 years old).
October 30

Moscow Vernissage,
Dinner at a lovely restaurant "Pushkin",
Overnight in 5 * hotel Interkontinental