rebrand and redesign is a local job board with headquarters in Cluj Napoca, Romania. They came to me looking to improve some UX issues and their brand image. We decided that a complete brand refresh and site redesign was needed. We began with defining their mission statement and core values, before diving into a long process of exploration. A couple of weeks later we found a version we where happy with. With the brand in place, we redesigned the entire website.

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The old

I started with a close analysis of the old client's website and brand. I found the website ignoring some important UX design principles. The brand was bland, dated, inexpressive and unappealing to their target market. 
Our target audience included young adults looking for their first job, IT professionals and similar white collar workers and blue collar workers looking for job opportunities in other countries. 

For everyone working as an employee, their job is an important part of their life. It takes up a lot of time and often sets the tone for your mood when you arrive back home at the end of the day. It provides a sense of purpose and fulfillment at the workplace is a major catalyst for optimism and positivity. Because of this, we decided the main qualities we should convey are: friendliness, approachable, understanding, maturity and competence.

I began a process of exploration, bouncing between pencil and paper sketches.
The new

After a couple of rounds of debate and refinements, we agreed on the new logo - a clean, modern and intricate shape that flows naturally from one end to the other.
Colors & Gradients
Fonts & Type setting
A better web experience

With the newly defined brand, we shifted attention to the website, where a lot could be improved. I called a meeting with the client to identify and define the main objectives of this redesign.​​​​​​​

Make it 2017. The old site was static. Today, about 40% of the traffic comes from mobile, therefore a responsive version was a great need. We also decided to implement more modern design patterns that help create better visual and informational hierarchy.

Search is king. For both candidates and companies, the search function is the most important feature of the site. The site offers complex search options like: company name, salary range, location, department, industry, and more. I needed to find a solution that can fit in almost any context, anytime, on any device. Classic search layouts like sidebars where not an option.

Save for later. Researched showed that many users prefer to search for a job once and then get alerts when new jobs are posted, instead of recreating the search each time they visit the site. We decided to offer save, or 'favorite' options for searches, jobs and companies.

Make candidate screening a breeze. Recruiters have to screens tens or sometimes hundreds of CVs. The old solution made it hard to navigate between resumes and compare them. 
One search to rule them all

The search solution was created to be flexible enough to be used for both job ads (candidate side) and applicants (employer side). This helped decrease the learning curve for the app, and reduced development cost.
Screen resumes effortlessly 

Reviewing tons of resumes is now easy - tap to view the candidates that applied to your job ad and you'll see a carousel of cards for all your candidates. Rating, commenting, comparing and saving CVs in folders is now simple and intuitive.
Built to scale

The design and development was done using Foundation, the 12 column grid system by Zurb. Everything has been designed to be responsive and scale to any device.
Timely newsletters

I know there's a fine line between annoying and useful newsletters. I tried to strike the right balance between the two by sending messages only regarding important and sensitive issues and let the user opt in for any additional nice-to-have's.
Bucharest, Romania

Infomunca Recruitment

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June 2016 → October 2016

Project based on frequent communication with the client after an initial specification which evolved with clarifying the project assumptions for business requirements.

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