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Don’t be deceived by its seemingly cute appearance! Thezooble is an extremely vicious creature. Born out of the rare blue spottedpigmy mushroom, they can be found in damp places and woodpiles. The zooble’shorn generally appears to be stripped by day but glows in the night. The fullygrown zooble clings to an unsuspecting child that wanders into its terrirtoryand squeezes itself through its ear to get to its brain. Once there it slowlystarts to eat through it finally leaving a child brainless. Tying a sprig ofholly around the neck of a child is a good way to protect him or her from theZooble.

Zwinkiedinks dwell under the beds of children who eat lotsof candy. They sprout from leftover candy canes that have been sprinkled withpixie dust. Generally about the size of a small potato, the Zwinkiedinks havethe power to turn whatever they lick into candy.
Zooble model sheet
Zwinkiedink model sheet