Client: Marek Gawdzik Marketing Atelier

TestMeToo is an online platform that let companies connect with their potential clients and offer them products to test. It is connected with all major social medias to provide best recognition for products after being tested by people that are genuinely interested in them. Testers are offered multiple discounts after the surveys, which then can be send to friends and family.  Best products are offered a seal of excellence, which can be used in ads, POS etc (check mockups).
My role included:
- brand
- art direction
- stationary
- POS materials
- mockups for potential clients including ghost ads with two fictional brands
- landing page with newsletter subscription form
- social testing page (registration mode only and one with full functionality)
- corporate website
- mailings
- icons
- diagrams
- stickers
- appreciation button (alike "fb' like" button)