Client:  City Councillor València.
Year: 2017

Municipal Libraries of Valencia

The Cultural Action Service of Valencia City Council commissioned us to redesign the brand of the Municipal Libraries, a network with a total of 33 libraries spread throughout the city.

The need for the image renewal was justified by the spirit of making known the evolution from "cathedrals of silence" to living and changing spaces; spaces where one can be and do activities to become an active part of the community, an agent of change.

The library as a third place becomes a public square for shelter, leisure or work.

For all these reasons, we placed a letter B (for biblioteca) surrounded by four brackets that delimit the space as the main symbol of this new concept, and that adapts itself according to the different pieces where it is used.

The typography used is part of the Graphik family, a nice font that responds to the need of giving the logo an effect of closeness.

The colors used are white and pantone black 6C for the logo, and a complementary pure yellow to highlight headlines in various corporate and communication pieces, a wink to the activity of studying, an activity that is maintained in this new cycle.

As far as the communication campaign is concerned, the goal is to bring to the citizens this new concept of libraries as well as all the new activities that will take place in them.

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