Lush is a global retailer and ambassador of 100% natural beauty products such as bath bombs, lotions, perfume and much more. Walk into their stores, it smells amazing!

I was invited to create a poster for their Flagship Store opening in Rome. As bath bombs have been their most popular category, they wanted to make sure they paid extra detail and care to that area. They are looking to create posters that speak about their bath bombs. My selection: Sakura Bath Bomb.

Don't miss this spring tour. La poesia dei ciliegi in fiore (Italian).

Sakura is a light pink fluffy flower that has a short lifespan of 2 weeks, they represent a season of renewal also announces the arrival of spring by blossoming in full bloom.

Hanami (Flower-viewing) is held in Japan, where families and friends eat, drink and make merry under the cherry blossom trees. It is believed that if the fallen Sakura petal falls in your sake (Japanese Rice Wine), it promotes good health.

Sakura bath bomb feels light, brings joy and renewal to your bath, leaving you feeling beautiful. Keep soaking in it.