BauStark is the new Tahoma

Previously named Tahoma, BauStark is an interior design and construction company based in Bucharest. They do everything from concept to the final build.
Led by a savvy business man, they realized that the visual identity of their brand speaks to the quality and professionalism of their work before they do. Together with Mihai Dragomirescu, the project manager, we started an exploration process into the values and identity of the company.
The process

What we started with an interview with the CEO, followed by a survey that was sent to their employees and business partners. The objective was to understand the company, identify their core values that everyone in the team shared and outline the perception clients and business partners had about BauStark (prev. Tahoma).

The study revealed they are a tightly bonded team, with high standards of quality and professionalism. Constructions are sometimes a messy and risky business. Their clients appreciated that BauStark always took responsibility when problems came up and took the necessary steps to fix it. Last but not least, there's a sense of pride and comradery among the team - in the offices or on the construction site.

In the end, we identified 3 core qualities we wanted to express: strength, unity and grit.

With our goals and vision in place, I started iterating on the form. During this process, the PM was working on a new name for the company so tried different versions.

I've drawn inspiration from various elements related to architectural plans and construction sites.
Final version
I've put together a brief brand guide on 
A new beginning

During the rebranding process the BauStark management was working on a new, modern location. In the end, it all came together in a cohesive design.
Thanks for watching.