Cherry Plum, the psychedelic rock duo launched a second EP highly anticipated by their fans. 
To capture the spirit of their song “How Strange Is The Man”, the director, Helena Cotinier, split the video into two stages to depict the inspiration and the state of mind that the two characters experience. 
We created an abstract universe in motion graphics linking real world and fantasy so as to illustrate the different stages the protagonists go through.
Motion Graphic part starts at 3:30
The second part of the video was filmed in a room between three walls. In order to accurately recreate the scenography, we have recreated the space into 3D then we used the structure of the room to support the visual narration.

Based on the soundtrack, we brought in a theme that we animated and structured. Initially, we played with black and white, geometric shapes to create a feeling of oppression. This very cold part is followed by a much more organic and colourful part representing madness.


Music : Cherry Plum —
Director: Helena Cotinier
Creative Director: Josué Pichot 
Motion Designers: Kévin Ronceray, Guillaume Sola, Paul Guilhem Repaux