Budapest Brut series examines a special era of Hungarian architecture from the 60s to the 80s (with a little peek to 2008) in which bold shapes and concrete dominated. The buildings which were daring experiments at the time became accustomed to and absorbed by the city. They are too new to become monuments and too old for today’s architecture so they get little attention and their future is uncertain. In this photo series they are taken out from their surroundings, that way we can appreciate their worth more easily.

Featured architects:
László Bajnay, János Dianóczky, József Finta, Balázs Pál, Tamás Perényi, György Szrogh, Tibor Tenke, József Thoma, Dezsőné Tóth, Csaba Virág

Project website:

2020 - Despite the efforts of the architectural community Csaba Virág's MAVIR power distribution center (8th in the gallery) got demolished.

2021 - The Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences begins a move to a new campus which has to be completed until 2025. The fate of the old campus including Balázs Pál's "Building K" (6th in the gallery) is uncertain.

Budapest Brut