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    Employee performance management dashboard
This project's goal was to quickly design an employee performance management dashboard in two weeks. As customary, I started with crafting a couple of personas—representative users of a product. Personas inform the design greatly, help stakeholders empathize with product users and are an important component of UCD (user-centered design).
Next, I gathered business requirements which included 'must have' features and the technical environment. Once I did some preliminary user research I started sketching out a few ideas. This example is the 4th version.
After the team was satisfied with the general idea represented by the sketch, I went to work on laying out the dashboard modules on a canvas. Arranged on a grid system, this design allows for modules to be moved around the page for customization (one of the business requirements).
The final design demonstrating customization of modules, drilling deeper for more detail, and editing the actual content of cards on the dashboard.