Bacardi Crumble.
This is a schoolassignment we did on graphic design.

The concept we used in this campaigne is, "to combine".
To combine, 2 different brands, two flavours, and two styles.

In this concept we used the theme "day and night". You visitStarbucks during daytime, at night you order a Bacardi cocktail.
But you can combine this (for example, an Irish Coffee), sowe came up with the ready to serve bacardi bottle, with a starbucks cilinderinside.
A real special edition.

The campaign starts with an announcement. 
 In the background is a slight red glow visible from the Bacardi logo. The green bottleneck is the first clue to the connection with Starbucks


The label design with all the designelements and colors.
The Bottle wrap,

Its a silkscreened 90gr blanc newspaper. We used blue sunsetink for the day theme, and a blanc glow in the dark pigment mixed ink for thenight theme. Eventually we ended up with a blanc wrap wich changes in differentlights.
The concept for the day and for the night is literally wrapedin this paper.