World Cup in New Zealand
World Cup in New Zealand
a fictional world cup logo and poster
During the final year of my studies I was asked to create a fictional world cup. The subject was to create a logo and a poster for a preferred country which I would like a world cup to take place. My country of preference was New Zealand.  I decided to follow the road of their tradition. So my research took me to the Maori culture and their legends about the tree of life.

Some history about the myth
Every culture has their version of an origin story. When we look at the different origin stories we begin to see a common thread across cultures that hint of a time when the stories were of the one source, changed by the influences of a new environment and the impacts of time and distance. The highest class of origin story speaks of The Tree Of Life. In Maori these stories are known as Korero Purakau Origin Tree Talk. Using mythology, metaphor and personification they weave a wondrous story of our journey from spirit into form. That journey is likened to the growth of a tree from seed to fruit. It is the journey of all life, of all seeds.

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