the proposed site for this was in Amman, Jo, this particular location has significant value to the urban fabric of Amman, as it houses the Royal Academy of culinary arts, Al-Husein parks, and King Abdulla II mosque, giving it a special importance in the urban context.
Creating an introvert void that’s concealed behind one elevation facing the street, and a circulation path that revolves around the building, with an indirect main entrance urges the spectator passing by to explore
the academy, resulting in the promotion of interior design as a new emerging study major in Jordan, the concept could be simply applied by the use of a triangle.
in dark orange: the area of the street where you'd only see one elevation of the building.
views of the building from street level, driving west.
western view (main entrance).
birds eye north western view.
street (southern) elevation - eastern elevation
western elevation - northern elevation
1 main entrance    2 reception disk    3 dean’s secretary    4 accountant’s office    5 dean’s office    6 instructors‘ offices    7 instructors’ collaboration space    8 instructors’ exit    9 auditorium    10 gallery    11 workshops in/out    12 cafeteria    13 students’ dinning area
14 students’ lockers /collaboration space    15 design studios    16 modelling studio    17 CAD studio    18 materials and tools shop    19 classroom    20 library    21 terrace
22 security / front disk    23 gathering area /collaboration space    24 terrace    25 laundry room.
inside room, green: bedrooms, brown: bathroom, pink: kitchenet, blue: sitting area.