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They are like meditating with your eyes open.
(Now with musical pairings featuring Cranial Sacred psychoactive music.)

The Visual Mantra Collection is mandala-themed art created with specific healing intent. This artwork shares a circle within a square format and is designed to allow your eyes to wander but always draws them back to center, much the same way that a mantra does in meditation. Sacred geometry and numerological elements as well as color, symmetry and repetition are used to “tune” each painting to promote balance in specific energy fields in the human body and associated organs and tissues. Subtle interplay of these elements creates a different experience for every viewer, and each viewer can experience something new every time they interact with the artwork.

Please enjoy our original music as you work with each Visual Manta. You may listen up to three times for free (without any advertisements) from the text link under each image (which will take you to our BandCamp site.) You may also use the Spotify player to listen to a quick sample of the music and then log into Spotify for free unlimited listening.

Click the the following link to use our Visual Mantra Selector to click and find just the mediation you need: http://cranialsacred.com/VMSelector.htm.
"Smooth Moves" by M. D. Friedman

Healing intent: Connecting with nature, stability, groundedness and survival.
Body connections: Colon, bones, ligaments and muscles.
Musical pairing: Spirals” from Shake It Off.
"Tubular" by M. D. Friedman

Healing intent: Going with the flow, living in the moment, letting go, resiliency and adaptability.
Body connections: Adrenal cortex, blood pressure, blood vessels, arteries, veins and lymph system.
Musical pairing:Prayer for the Nymphs” from Flutations.
"Witchi Tai To" by M. D. Friedman

Healing intent: Action, motivation, ambition, courage and energy.
Body connections: Sympathetic nervous system.
Musical pairing:The Golden Temple” from Flutations.
"Velvet Crown" by M. D. Friedman

Healing intent: Resolve, reaction, revenge, anger, possessiveness and jealousy.
Body connections: Adrenal medulla, liver, spleen and gallbladder.
Musical pairing: Charoite Sphere” from Gems.
"In the Path of Totality" by M. D. Friedman

Healing intent: Gender identity, libido, sexual intimacy, orgasmic and erectile issues.
Body connections: Bladder, urethra, prostrate and external genitalia.
Musical pairing: House Boogie” from Shake It Off.

"Marmalade Moon" by M. D. Friedman

Healing intent: Creativity, artistic expression, spontaneity and inspiration.
Body connections: Sweat glands, mammaries and internal reproductive system organs.
Musical pairing: Go Ask Alex” from Not Far from Hear.
"Visceral" by M. D. Friedman

Healing intent: Anxiety and obsessiveness.
Body connections: Nutrition, absorption, autoimmune disorders and small intestines.
Musical pairing: "Sipapu" from Au Naturale.
"Fire Walk" by M. D. Friedman

Healing intent: Endurance, willpower and self-control.
Body connections: Kidneys and pancreatic islets.
Musical pairing: "Patience" from Be Tankfull.
"Solar Complexes" by M. D. Friedman

Healing intent: Confidence, ego and self-esteem.
Body connections: Stomach, gastric glands and diaphragm.
Musical pairing:432 (Open to the Wind)” from Songs for Our Mother.
"Transitions" by M. D. Friedman

Healing intent: Dealing with change and transitions.
Body connections: Thymus and immune system.
Musical pairing: "Funky Spelunk" from Be Tankfull.

"Synapse" by M. D. Friedman

Healing intent: Lifestyle balance, dealing with stress, anxiety and body awareness.
Body connections: Parasympathetic nervous system, post-ganglionic fibers and spinal cord.
Musical pairing:Between Two Worlds” from Between Two Worlds.
"Green Light" by M. D. Friedman

Healing intent: Compassion, love, trust, forgiveness, openness, relationship and passion.
Body connections: Heart, lungs, thymus and immune systems.
Musical pairing:Jade” from Gems.
"Concentric" by M. D. Friedman

Healing intent: Family, friends, ancestors, human connection, networking and cultural identity.
Body connections: DNA, dendrites, capillaries, mitochondria, membranes, hair and skin.
Musical pairing: Apples and Honey” from Apples and Honey.
"The Mandela Effect (parallel realities)" by M. D. Friedman

Healing intent: Listening, communications and verbal and musical expression.
Body connections: Throat, mouth and ears.
Musical pairing: Wormhole Whispers” from Between Two Worlds.
"True Blue" by M. D. Friedman

Healing intent: Truth telling, timidity, passive aggressive behavior, loyalty, follow through and taking personal responsibility.
Body connections: Thyroid, parathyroid and metabolism.
Musical pairing:Tanzanite” from Gems.
"Mysteriousity" by M. D. Friedman

Healing intent: Inner vision, wisdom, intuition, finding clarity, dealing with change, solitude and decision making.
Body connections: Pituitary gland, homeostasis and psychological & hormonal balance.
Musical pairing: Alone Together” from Not Far from Hear.
"Dream Lucid" by M. D. Friedman

Healing intent: Artistic vision, right brain integration, creative visualization, manifesting and lucid dreaming.
Body connections: Eyes, thalamus, hypothalamus and pons.
Musical pairing:Land of Cats and Roses” from The Astral Project.
"A Matter of Perspective" by M. D. Friedman

Healing intent: Inner connection, purpose and astral projection.
Body connections: Circadian Rhythms and Reptilian brain.
Musical pairing:The Land Half Remembered” from The Astral Project.
"Song of Red Bear" by M. D. Friedman

Healing intent: Ancestral connections, past life regression, early childhood trauma and empathy.
Body connections: Limbic system and, in particular, the hippocampus and amygdala.
"Awakening" by M. D. Friedman

Healing intent: Spiritual awareness and mindfulness.
Body connections: Inferior temporal cortex and the limbic system.
Musical pairing: "Au Naturale" from Au Naturale.
"Mother Pearl" by M. D. Friedman

Healing intent: Enhanced feelings of oneness, end of life transition, enlightenment and universal consciousness.
Body connections: Pineal gland.
Musical pairing:Wonderland (for Alice)” from The Astral Project.



The Visual Mantra Collection is mandala-themed art created with specific healing intent. This artwork shares a circle within a square format and Read More