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    Visual System for FLASH Records. Together with Sebastian Pataki.
Project: FLASH Visual System
Year: 2010
Client: Florian Meindl / FLASH Records
With: Sebastian Pataki

Sebastian Pataki and I designed a visual identity for Berlin based electronic music label FLASH Records. Label owner Florian Meindl asked us to create a visual language with a rather mature but still unusual appeal, completely from scratch. The identity is based on concentric circle shapes — reminding of a cone of light, spreading out from the center — and a huge database of images we created in a experimental process. The main variables when creating the images are time, light and space, which means images change i.e. due to movement (time and space) and texture of object's surfaces (reflection).

The FLASH Records. identity is a system which we adapted to different kinds of analog and digital media — record sleeves, posters, promotional items like t-shirts or bags and digital graphics for online music stores.

For creating images we try to manipulate electronic devices, like scanners or photo cameras, but we also use analog techniques, for example photograms. The outcome is often hardly predictable.

FLASH is an ongoing project. Sebastian and I still work as directors and designers at FLASH Records. The visual identity we created for the label is partly dynamic, and we are constantly researching on ways to create new images or variations of the circles, within the boundaries we set.
Reworked Press Pictures
FLASH 027, Hot Chip Remix
FLASH Standard Sleeve Front
FLASH Standard Sleeve Back