The problem

A few years ago, we worked with a security company called Guard-O-Matic to help them with their website and marketing. Guard-O-Matic was one branch of the business, which also provided low-voltage solutions and home automation under separate company names. Their new website looked great, but the CEO was starting to realize they had bigger problems. The customer experience wasn’t memorable or consistent with what they were promoting in their branding and marketing, his employees weren’t functioning like a cohesive team, and customers were confused about all of the company’s other branches. All of that was stalling sales and causing high employee turnover.

They needed help reinventing the company from the inside out. That’s when Forty came to the rescue.

The solution

Redefining their culture

Before even touching what the business looks like on the outside, Forty worked with Guard-O-Matic’s team to rediscover what the company is all about. To define their company culture and incorporate it into their everyday schedules, we started with a series of brainstorming sessions with their team. Then, we worked with them on communication training, team building exercises, and improving their workflows and processes. We also armed their leaders with all of the best tools for ongoing team culture refinement.

Revealing Volta, the new Guard-o-Matic

With the internal aspects of Guard-O-Matic already improving, our team then focused on their external appearance: their branding, websites, customer communication, and marketing.

First, we combined all of Guard-O-Matic’s businesses under one umbrella (Volta) and developed new branding. This reduced confusion and made their business more professional and cohesive, instead of a puzzle of random, jumbled companies.

Designing responsive websites and a custom online portal

Then, we built new, responsive websites for each brand—including Volta Systems, Volta Home Automation, and Volta Central—that reflected the new branding and provided a seamless experience on devices of all sizes.

In addition to the business websites, Volta also wanted to build a site for customers to manage their online account, so we created a custom online portal called MySecurityHub. Customers can use this site to manage their billing, request service appointments, update emergency contacts, manage text alerts, view system activity, and more.

Designing the whole customer experience

As the launch of the new branding approached, we redesigned Volta’s office, uniforms, vans, collateral, etc. Finally, we completed the change from the old Guard-O-Matic to Volta by managing the entire rollout to their own team and customers.

Since we started working with them a few months ago, they have already seen a noticeable improvement with employee satisfaction, productivity, and communication. Over the next few months, we’re excited to launch MySecurityHub and watch this transformation trickle down into better service, a more compelling customer experience, and ultimately, an increase in their sales.
Simple, bold logo for their new company name
Custom t-shirts designed for the Volta staff
New residential security sign for Volta
One of several websites we designed for Volta
A visual overview of the new Volta brand
Values reminders slideshow, displayed on wall-mounted displays throughout the Volta offices
Employee orientation guide to coach new staff members on company culture
New Volta business cards, letterhead, and envelopes
Overview of the new logo system for the Volta family of companies (old logos at top, new logos at bottom)
Color palette for the new interior design direction for the Volta offices


Forty built new, responsive websites for each brand—including Volta Systems, Volta Home Automation, and Volta Central—that reflected the new bran Read More

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