Reasons Why Orthodontists Give Preference to Invisalign
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Reasons Why Orthodontists Give Preference to Invisalign over Braces
Dentists and orthodontists have been dealing with the braces for decades. Many generations have gone through the experience of having wire-filled mouths. Braces surely work effectively but this treatment requires patients and endurance which every person may not have. The downsides of having braces may be temporary but these are the painful downsides that nobody wants to experience.

Dentists know this situation well. This is the reason that modern dentistry now has invisalign. As the name suggests, invisalign are basically the invisible braces. Invisalign consists of removable aligners which tend to move the teeth in the direction to bring them in ideal position. The goal may be the same as that of braces but invisalign tends to apply force when new set of invisalign is applied.
Invisalign surely works but it’s worth discussing the specific reasons why dentists recommend the use of invisalign instead of braces. Some of those reasons are mentioned as under.

When you get the braces, everyone comes to know about the orthodontic treatment you get. On the other hand, invisalign is almost invisible. As long as a person is not focusing on your teeth closely, the invisalign is going to remain invisible. In fact, the flashing sparkle on the braces’ wires is one of the reasons people feel embarrassment when they smile. Invisalign has resolved this issue almost entirely
Short duration of treatment

With traditional braces on, you will have to wait at least 36 months for get the desired results. In some cases, it may take up to eight years for the braces to fully transform your mile. Invisalign, on the other hand, works quite efficiently. The maximum time a treatment with invisalign can take is 18 months. Furthermore, you get the freedom to remove these aligners any time you like. Therefore, when you need to eat, brush and floss, invisalign doesn’t restrict you from doing the way you want.
On eating restrictions

When you have braces on, there are certain limitations regarding food intake you will have to care about. For instance, you cannot have popcorn at the time when you want to enjoy. You cannot chew the gum. And there is certainly no corn on the cob for you. But, since you can take invisalign off any time you want, there are no food restrictions for the time you have these aligners off. Therefore, you get to enjoy the foods you like without worrying about the food getting stuck in the aligners. When you are done with the food intake, you can brush and floss in the normal way to get rid of the food remains in order to get the aligners on again.
At the start of this orthodontic treatment, you may feel a bit of irritation with the aligners. Don’t worry! It’s just an initial feeling which goes away when you get used to the treatment.