Posters for
"Design As It Should Be"
exhibition, 2017.

"We live in a world filled with information. In different forms, through different channels and with different narratives, information greet us at every turn. Communication is getting faster, easier, and more unstoppable in every way. There are countless ways to transmit a message, but what makes a message worthy to transmit? 
As a visual creator, you take responsibility to create, entice, and change collective opinion."

While thinking about what constitutes a good design for this year's edition of PDP Conference, I developed a series of typography-based posters. Each of the posters features a clever, carefully crafted clickbait title related to the design context. The art direction follows a low-budget, trashy aesthetics which is currently making a big comeback in visual communication, whilst rendering the answer to the question 'What is good/beautiful in design' diffused and impossible. By focusing on the stereotypes around design world and designers, I attempted to question the role and function of design in the collective consciousness.
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